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Your shoe is home to an average of 2,887 bacteria.

                  SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer+ will eliminate 99% of them.                        

The SteriShoe+® ultraviolet shoe sanitizer is the world's first product to safely and effectively sanitize the inside of your shoes without using chemicals. By using germicidal ultraviolet light ("UVC"), the SteriShoe+® ultraviolet shoe sanitizer kills microorganisms that cause athlete's foot, nail fungus, and shoe odor.

On top of killing the bacteria and fungus in your shoe the new SteriShoe+® shoe sanitizer comes with an odor pack to help eliminate shoe odor.  SteriShoe+® is sold in pairs so you treat a pair of shoes with each application. The treatment time is 15 minutes. It treats the entire shoe heel to toe and comes with a built in fan to quickly dry shoes.  The unique design of SteriShoe®  allows it to work with virtually every shoe in your closet in a one size fits all design!

We wash and dry-clean our clothes. Given the fact that we sweat up to ½ a pint a day per foot, it's a good thing we can finally sanitize the inside of our shoes with the SteriShoe® ultraviolet shoe sanitizer!


Delivery within Canada only