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The one size fits most shoes SteriShoe+ comes with everything you need to sanitize two shoes (1 pair) at once:

  • 2 SteriShoe+ Shoe Sanitizers
  • 2 5-Watt Ultraviolet Lamps
  • 8 Scent Pouches
  • 2 Shoe Bags
  • One-Touch Controller
  • Integrated Shoe Dryer
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Providing a healthier environment for your feet by sanitizing the insides of your shoes the SteriShoe+ UV shoe Sanitizer uses germicidal ultraviolet light (UVC) to kill the organisms that cause: Toenail fungus - Athletes foot - Offensive Shoe Odor.

The SteriShoe+ UV Shoe Sanitizer is sold in pairs so you treat a pair of shoes with each application.  The treatment time is a quick 15 minutes! 

Features Include

  • Treats entire shoe heel to toe
  • Built in fan dries shoes
  • Fast 15 minute treatment time
  • Active shoe deodorization system
  • 8 scent pouches included
  • One size fits most footwear
  • Stainless Steel frame


  1. Canada Post Expedited Parcel: Orders will be shipped via Canada Post and a tracking number e-mailed to you
  2. Pick-Up: To avoid shipping charges you may pick up your SteriShoe+ UV Shoe Sanitizer from one of our Vancouver Clinic locations.  Once your order is placed you will receive an email within 24hours to determine which location you prefer and to inform you when it will be there and ready for you to pickup.  To see a list of our locations please visit